This is how you ruin "This is how you ruin my game".

I was originally going to title this entry "This is how you ruin my blog" but I thought that was a little melodramatic. Okay, the current title is a little melodramatic. That title would have been over the top.

I should note that this is not something I am upset about. It is simply something that I feel the need to point out.

I will not be continuing "This is How You Ruin My Game". This is because it has already been completed by Paizo Publishing's "Gamemastery Guide". This is not something I am upset about. Quite the opposite, actually. The Gamemastery Guide is a very well written book, and the section on "Player Archetypes" covers all the ground I intended to cover, including how to avoid these behaviors as a GM and several archetypes I either hadn't though of or have not encountered.

That said, I recommend the book to anyone wanting to GM Pathfinder or just looking to read some game thoery. Not much for those of you looking for classes, feats, and spells, but lots of charts, game theory, and a chapter that is like a monster manual for non-monster NPCs. Very little crunch, but I don't feel cheated.

I feel a little better now. I'd had writing block on this series for a while now. Now for something completely different.